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Offbeat Places

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Village Walk

Discovering rural Bengal offers an extraordinary variety of travel experiences. Walk from village to village in the Belpahari and Gopiballavpur, in the company of your own local guide; relax in a mud hut and explore the beautiful lakes; ride an open jeep into the heart of dense forests. With Village Ways, you stay in profoundly rural communities where life's rhythms have remained unaltered over the centuries, and you discover these special places through the eyes of the local people who are your hosts and guides. Let us tailor make your perfect holiday, combining rural discovery with vibrant, hillocks and rivers such as Kansai or Dulung, and perhaps the famous Subarnarekha. Wherever you go, Jhargram will fascinate and enchant.

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Fun start as the sun goes down, enjoy with personalized barbecue and enjoy buffet dinner in clackling sounds of your personalized campfire. Lie down on khat or hammock under the starry night with light playing game of shadows in the moon light night. We arrange barbecue meals space for recreation and games experiences, possible camping experience in countryside and camp fire, dip in lake and enjoy sunset view from hill top. Ideal for small / big group camping, family camping, corporate offsite etc.

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A trek to the Gurrasini hill through the forests of Belpahari is a matchless experience, enroute visit the Khandarani lake, famous as a haven for migratory birds and Ketki falls are in its prime during monsoons. What is unique about the Gurrasini hill top is that the edge of the cliff juts out of the hill. Just enough to sit up on or stand for a perfect edgy Instagram shot. Even if you’re a daredevil, be super careful as there’s no support and is a sheer freefall drop. But the view is magnificent. Take your own time in just gazing into the endless forests and hills. Bliss!

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Observe and experience the traditional methods of farming with a cattle plough and sowing of paddy. Rural farms in Jhargram are becoming attractive tourist destinations also because more visitors are nostalgic for a "simpler" time. They want to escape the hustle of city life and connect with natural and cultural heritage and enjoy a richer and authentic leisure experience. Here you can learn, connect with meaning, and meet genuine people engaged in a rural/agricultural lifestyle.

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Catch and Release Fishing

This is an increasingly popular practice among many anglers. It is quite common for fishers with a strong conservation commitment to release fishs that they have caught. Village ponds are ideal place for fishing, they have encouraged community fishing as a common activity among locals. Enjoy the day with Catch and Release fishing.

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Traditional Cultural Programs

Village folks are by nature music lovers. Every evening traditional cultural programs are presented to tourists to entertain them. Hence you can experience the best of the tribal culture to see the heritage of this region. The Santhal tribes reside in the interior of Jhargram and performed various dances. The tribal people are very shy but at the same time very courageous and brave to open up about their culture with the tourists.